My walkthrough

My Walk Through Demo Click Here to try out a demo! To login, please use the following: Username: Password: passwordR9 Innovations is a premier innovative and interactive Web-based tool to enhance meaningful teacher and administrator collaboration to achieve student success.

New! Unit Plan Module

Plan for success: Quickly create and organize unit plans focused on common core state standards. Track the progress and growth with informative and comprehensive reporting. Please visit My Walk Through to enhance teaching methods and facilitate student success.

Target Audience
  • Administrators
  • Teachers

Benefits for Staff
  • Focused on educational needs in the state of NMMy Walk Through Online Training
  • Gathers data quickly
  • Shares data interactively
  • Linked to professional development plans and evaluations
  • Aligns Content Standards and Benchmarks, Educational Plan for Student Success, and NM Teacher Competencies
  • Provides foundational data and growth measurement for Educational Plan for Student Success

Delivery Method
  • Web-based application and technical support
  • Onsite and online training available

If you have questions or would like more information on My Walk Through, please send us your contact information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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